Art Becker, LAC

Art Becker is a Licensed Addiction Counselor in Helena, MT with an educational background in alcohol/drug counseling, philosophy, and psychology.  Prior to becoming an addiction counselor Art spent four years working in Intensive Therapeutic Group Homes whose residents were adolescent males with developmental disabilities.  While working with these adolescents he concurrently completed his school-based internship with a Department of Corrections sanctions and transitioning center for adult males.  Early involvement with co-occurring disorders, and exposure to mandated/coerced treatment settings provided him with great insight regarding client resistance and the Pre-Contemplative stage of change.  Art completed his licensing practicum hours at an outpatient treatment facility in Helena, MT prior to moving in to private practice.  His company One Recovery Counseling Services provides outpatient treatment services including services for the Department of Corrections, Department of Health and Human Services, District Treatment Courts, and self-referred clients.  With over five years in private practice many client struggles became evident.  The prevalence of co-occurring disorders and the lack of cohesiveness between providers inspired Art to develop eclectic curriculums which meld evidence-based practices.  Personal interests in Eastern Philosophy, Proactive Community Involvement, and Trauma-Informed Care also inspired the new curricula.  Through the monographs Pocket Full of Change and Emotional Security Art has developed measurable objectives that provide clients with empowerment and self-efficacy.  He is a dedicated advocate for mental health and addictions through state and federal legislature, writes substance abuse and mindfulness related articles for Youth Connections magazine, and provides consulting services for other therapeutic practitioners.  Art is married to his wonderful wife Christine, and they have three energetic young boys to keep them on their toes.  The Becker family takes full advantage of living in beautiful Montana through hiking, mountain biking, sledding, snowboarding, and anything else related to the outdoors.